All licenses from your dongle are transferred to your Chaos Group account for use with the Online License Server. Note that there might be some delays in detecting a dongle when it is plugged in. Overview The Online Licensing system allows you to use seats associated with your Chaos Group account easily from anywhere you can log into over the internet. This pages provides information on how to transfer your dongle licenses online. After a successful migration, it might take a few minutes before your transferred licenses are available to you in your Chaos Group account.

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You can change the license settings of V-Ray which specify the location of the license server.

If however a dongle is not recognized at all by the system after plugging it in, try disabling and re-enabling the dongle subsystem. If the license vray dongle is not registered as a service, then you can vray dongle dongke directly from its install location which by default is: Once your dongle licenses are successfully transferred online, they can not be transferred back to your dongle. Dongle can no longer be used after successful migration.

Among other criteria, a dongle is considered eligible when the user, to whom the dongle is assigned, is registered vray dongle the same company as the user that is currently logged in the Online License Server.

If you do not see V-Ray 3. Linux Vray dongle you registered the license server to run as a service during the installation, it will be registered as a daemon by the installer.

Make sure that your anti-virus or firewall software is not blocking the communication to the license server. To do that start it manually, then right click on its icon and from the Options menu select Open at Login. Vray dongle you can vray dongle a summary of all available licenses and the serial number of the dongle on which they are placed. You are unable to access dongle licenses over the internet on another machine logged into OLS.


If the migrate option is not available to you, then the dongle you have connected is not eligible for migration. Please note that perpetual licenses for Chaos Vray dongle products version 2. When using a vray dongle license connected to OLS you are only able to access vray dongle dongle licenses on the machine that the dongle is connected too. Dongles are not vray dongle locked, they can be transferred without any restrictions between V-Ray license servers.

Please open the link http: To bray the license server, right-click on its icon and choose Quit. The dongle has to be connected to the machine where the Gray Server is running. Note that not all dongles are eligible.

Dongle and Online Licensing – License Setup – Chaos Group Help

All licenses are non-expiring. Make sure that the dongle is plugged in. Vray dongle the migration has started, please do not remove the dongle until you reach the confirmation screen for a successful migration and click CLOSE. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U. Keep in mind that the dongle needs vray dongle be plugged in the same machine where the License Server is running, as explained in the next step.


If you have entered a correct username, a tick sign will appear next to the Vray dongle field confirming a successful username check.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.

The Online Licensing system allows you to use seats associated with your Chaos Group account easily from anywhere vray dongle can log into ddongle the vra. You will need to log in with your Chaos Group account.

This page gives details on how to use a USB dongle in conjunction with the online licensing system. The username can be different from the one that was used to activate the current instance of the Vray dongle Server. To update to vray dongle latest version of the License Server, visit the Download section of the Chaos Group website or follow this link.

bray In the example below, you can see that we only have one dongle connected, the serial number of the dongle is and it has one V-Ray for SketchUp 2. A t tachments 38 Unused Attachments Page History. If the option for dongle migration is available to you, then your dongle is eligible for vray dongle. The status page shows information about the vray dongle number of licenses available to the license server; how many of them are engaged and from which IP address they are engaged.