MUTEPress to mute the sound temporarily. In TV mode, selects TV channels. This may cause malfunction, an electric shock or fire. Up-Down Left-Right ButtonsMoves from one menu item to another horizontally, vertically or adjusts selected menuvalues. Monitor driver installation is completed. Connect the signal cable to the pin, D-sub connector on the back of your monitor. Select the “Settings” tab and click the “Advanced Properties” button.

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What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Contact a local dealer to buy optional items. The contrast ratio is a property of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color white to that of the darkest color black that the system is capable of producing. Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light.

The certified driver will be posted on Samsung Monitor homepage. The image contrast is heavily dependent on the angle of view on the LCD panel falls.

Samsung SyncMaster MP specifications

Do not drop the monitor when moving it. Page 29 Although the values are carefully chosen by our engineers, thepre-configured values may not be comfortable to your eyesdepending on your taste.

Turn on both your computer and the monitor. How can I adjust the resolution?


Vähekasutatud LCD Monitor+TV Samsung Syncmaster 941MP

Page 46 Preset Timing ModesIf the signal transferred from the computer is the same as the following Preset Timing Modes, the screen willbe adjusted automatically.

Connect the audio cable for your monitor to the audio port on the back of your computer. Tell us about it. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. Page 22 This monitor driver is under certified MS syncmastwr and this installation doesn’t damageyour system. Types of Sync SignalsSeparateThis is a scheme of transmitting individual vertical and horizontal sync signals tothe monitor.

Connecting HeadphoneYou may connect your headphones to the monitor. Lower numbers mean faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts.

Select the “Monitor” tab. This is not from bad qualityand you can use it without any problelms.

This may cause malfunction, an electric shock or fire. The installation of the bracket must be done by a qualified professional. Ex The samsunt way to protect your monitor from Image retention is to set your PC orSystem to operate a Screen Saver program when you are not using it.

MENUUse this button to open the on-screen menu and step back in the menu.

Page 38 Check if the resolution and frequency set for the computervideo card falls in the range supported by the monitor. Align the mounting interface pad with the holes in the rear cover mounting pad and secure it with fourscrews that came with the arm-type base, wall mount hanger or other base.


Do not insert metal objects such as chopsticks, wire and gimlet or inflammableobjects such as paper and match into the vent, headphone port or AV ports oretc. Using the D-sub Analog connector on the video card.

Page 32 ChannelAvailable Mode: If you adjust the picture by using Custom function, MagicBright will turn to the Custom mode. If you do not see your country in the list, select Others. Install Dri ver Install Pro. However, if the signal differs, the screen may go blank while the power LED is on. Adjusts the audio volume.

The locking device has to be purchased separately. Page 7 Keep the product away from places exposed to oil, smoke or moisture; do notinstall inside a vehicle. Note that video card support can vary, depending on the version of thedriver used.