May be u could explain the instructions better, and it might turn out to be useful for the Ubuntu Community aswell. When you get to step 3c, post the output of the “sudo modprobe -v ltserial” command. What I would like to do now, is to provide my father with a script, that does all these steps automatically, so that I don’t have to walk him through the installation process. All signs are good at the moment, and I will keep you updated. Il supporte ce type de modem: This is a known issue.

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Registered protocol family 20 Restarting tasks I am now having the same problem I had with the martian driver on SLED, it would connect most of the time, but would only last around minutes before it would die and have to reconnect.

Une solution pour un winmodem 56k SVP Bonjour, je viens d’installer ubuntu et fais mes premiers pas dans le monde de linux. Modem” Internal 56K V.

Remember, with modems, newer isn’t always better. I asked my ISP and they said they were providing the facility. A late reply is better then pcl at all: A Linmodem is a software modem that works thanks to the Linmodems.

New Drivers  1606DN DRIVER

Modems and Fax Modems

Was it that the builtin drivers din’t work in your case too or u couldn’t try. I’ve just recently moved and high speed is not available here so i am confined to dialup.

Insert your Ubuntu 6. Up until then I always did modprobe first and seemingly I loaded the driver again which may have caused the driver to fight itself for the use of the modem.

I had similar problems to favad too. This software is often guarded by the manufacturer and is typically not supported, not open source, and very complicated and hardware dependant. Bill StaehleDave Furey. NTFS-fs warning device sda1: It said that when i first tried to do it in dapper and breezy. None of my connections lasted more than 15 minutes. Using pmtmr for high-res timesource Console: I’ve always compiled them.

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. But then again this wouldn’t solve the initial problem: It would not work with the kernel but works fine with the so I’ll stick with that.


Press the Deactivate button to hang up. Now I’m off to get my TV card working: Rob ClarkTy Mixon. Bug ltmodem use hangs kernel https: Clemens HuebnerBo Wonmodem. Leia – Live Idea.

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In that case I have to fill in the username, pass, and number everytime I have to get online. It may also be possible to use two phone lines and two modems to double your speed.

This guide assumes you know: Probing IDE interface ide I haven’t reset yet as I am downloading packages so I don’t know if liunx is another one time fluke or not, but I hope it isn’t, because I am sick of windows.

I was very happy when the pfi get established thinking that i’ve accomplished a mission impossible. Well I think I may have figured out what was wrong, and it was probably all my own fault.