Some 2D acceleration is available without a RemoteFX adapter. The adapter is not truly added until you click OK or Apply , but you can return to this dialog any time that the virtual machine is off to adjust the settings. It is available by default, but you must specifically configure a RemoteFX video adapter for each virtual machine that you intend to use it with. The error messages will tell you what you can use:. This will decrease the CPU load and improve the scalability for graphic intense workloads that run in the VDI virtual machines.

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In order to verify whether the GPU is DirectX 11 ready you can use the web page of the manufacturer of the graphic adapter. Windows Server certified GPUs are listed here.

RemoteFX – Wikipedia

Some 2D acceleration is available without microsoft remotefx graphics device RemoteFX adapter. It does not matter what Generation the guest is. The offered resolutions are what you get. This will decrease the CPU load and improve the scalability for graphic intense workloads that run in the VDI virtual machines. Ensure the same build is used to resolve the problem.

RemoteFX vGPU Setup and Configuration Guide for Windows Server 2012

If a virtual machine is running on the desktop at all, its also typically open in a window and seeing regular interaction. Receive all our free Hyper-V articles and checklists and get microsoft remotefx graphics device first when we release new eBooks and announce upcoming webinars!


From a performance point of view you can use the following example to compare the Frame rate between a virtual machine without vGPU enabled devcie Hyper-V and virtual machine enabled with vGPU:. Where is the RemoteFX remote desktop program in Windows 10? June 13, at I would not get excited that you can now start running a bunch of 3D games in Client Hyper-V.

Hello, I have an issue with the resolution of my display LG ultra wide screen I believe you must be running Windows Enterprise on the client to activate FX.

March 16, at 4: The complete RemoteFX experience on the server requires the Remote Desktop Services stack to be employed, and server-class accelerated GPUs microsoft remotefx graphics device quite expensive remotfex uncommon.

RemoteFX in Windows 10 Client Hyper-V

An overview of all supported features for the various operating system platforms is microosft in the blog article: Remotex you very much Eric, great article! February 28, at 4: Remote Desktop Services article microsoft remotefx graphics device index. Most microsoft remotefx graphics device, we think of video capability because that is the most obvious component, but it is not the only one.

That Frames-per-Second measured inside a virtual machine may in-itself not be a good measure as there are other factors like bandwidth, server resources which may all play a factor. To use RemoteFX vGPU in an enterprise environment with several virtual machines it is recommended to use a professional graphics adapter that is certified for Windows Serverlisted in the Windows Server Catalog.


You should be able to use an RDP connection for custom resolutions. So, you can just feed it some gibberish. Is Microsoft remotefx graphics device available in a Windows 10 hyper-v host? I would strongly recommend that you proceed with caution when adding this adapter to any virtual machine whose guest operating system is not explicitly supported by Hyper-V.

As soon as you boot up the guest, the RemoteFX video adapter is ready to go. Along the way, I have achieved a number of Microsoft certifications and was microsoft remotefx graphics device Microsoft Certified Trainer for four years. There is a finite number of active virtual machines that your video card will support, so you may find that you need to remove it from some guests if you are running several simultaneously.

Latest Altaro Hyper-V eBook. It optimizes the display experience for remote users, even on constraint networks. Backing up your Hyper-V VMs. May 25, at 6: Subscribe to Article RSS. Also note that RemoteFX video will not magically transform your Client Hyper-V guest into a video gaming powerhouse, regardless of the capabilities of microsoft remotefx graphics device graphics adapter.