Logitech Driving Force GT. What’s more, players can choose to play a game using either Driving Force Pro’s wheel-mounted buttons or sequential gear stick to switch gears. Show More Show Less. Shenmue HD Collection brings a cult classic to a new generation. As well, something noticeable about moving from GT3 to GT4 is that the wheel has a much tighter “dead zone”. It would be great for the brakes The wheel is physically right about the same size as Logitech’s past products, but all of the buttons are now located in the center of the wheel and along the supports rather than on the actual wheel itself.

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Gran Turismo official steering wheel

Excellent bit of kit, really brings racing games to life. For those who already have a PS2 force feedback wheel, well, it depends on how perfect your want your Logitech driving force pro experience to be. It currently has no matching official racing cockpit available. Proving the Switch is the best party console.

Once you hit the dead-end there wasn’t anywhere else for it to go, much less rumble. Decent I swear the thing’s possessed, other than that, not bad! Show More Show Less.

The wheel is also surrounded by a rubber-like grip that feels really nice. When tech works its a joy. Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad The GT Force is the central part of a drkving simulation cockpit installation.


Without one the other is simply incomplete, such as was prl case with Gran Turismo 3: I’d say a wheel that would rotate degrees is probably all we’d need.

The wheel’s major selling point logitech driving force pro its degrees of rotation, with force feedback all the way around, for supported games. This is a plus in my book. These effects do an amazing job at pulling you into the GT ride. With the release of Gran Turismo 4, the people at Logitech have once again surpassed the competition logitec well as themselves in creating the best steering wheel for the GT experience; the Driving Force Pro.

There is also now logitech driving force pro stick shift off to the right side, which seems like a cool idea, but is almost out of the way compared to the behind-the-wheel shift levers.

Yes, the increased power, and subsequently logitech driving force pro subtlety, is a huge improvement over what’s been available before.

You can hear the wheel lock and unlock depending on which game you’re playing. It now looks more realistic with its black and silver color scheme. That’s not so common these days. The first noticeable change to this Driving Force since the last is the look.

Logitech Driving Force Pro Force Feedback Wheel – Pocket-lint

Lightweight with great features, thanks. This particular feature lets players experience the thrill of bumps, swerves, and manoeuvres in a game.

You never really need to turn the wheel past 90 degrees in logitech driving force pro direction to get a car to hit its tightest turning radius even the old cars without power steeringso cranking logitech driving force pro wheel all the way around is not only entirely unnecessary but also debilitating to your lap times since it takes so long to straighten out again.


With a logitech driving force pro shifter on the side and finger shifters behind the steering wheel it’s easy to control the car’s movement and shifting all on the fly. The logitech driving force pro provided the full degrees of control in NFS and was very efficient.

Sure, visu ally not as sexy as Forza 5 on the Xbone, but with this wheel in hand you really enjoy the ride. Show More Show Less. Other people in the office that have played with the wheel haven’t complained about this, so maybe it’s just me, but I think I usually have un-sweaty hands. It really is premium product at a baseline price.

Logitech Driving Force Pro (E-UJ11) Racing Wheels

Battle against deep snow drifts and then feel the wheels go light as a feather as you move onto ice. Views Read Edit View history. Great item best price.