You can put music in ‘folders’, but then you have to wade through the menu to find them. Voice record is good too. Just hit don’t hold the power button once while you are listening to a song, go to file, and you will see all of the folders with your songs in it. Brought to you by Techwalla. The screen has writing that looks like poor quality typing and you can’t see the whole song or band name, it has to ‘scroll’ across. Programs easily enough – holds lots of music but can’t figure how to set order of play in the All Music category. It will be going back asap.

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For more TuneClone tutorials, please go to http: Copy and paste the files you want on the player into this folder. I am usually a person who does not read the instructions unless I have too.

How to Download Songs to an Ematic MP3 Player

I do hope this review was helpful to you. I bought this player to replace one that quit working.

The audio quality is much better than the previous plajer that I had. It is a little difficult to operate the touch screen but with practice I am doing pretty well with ekatic. Just plug your player into your computer using a USB chord and turn it on. Plus, the high-speed USB 2.


Plus, with 6 hours of audio battery life and 3 hours of video battery life, you can be sure that the Ematic MP3 will get you through your workout or road trip.

Accessing the “Settings” menu will allow you to adjust the equalizer, which changes the pitch of the music on the radio or your MP3s. Looks good and can play great sound. Since it was so inexpensive I was very skeptical.

Ematic ” 8GB Touchscreen MP3 Video Player with Bluetooth (EMVIDBL) –

This was a huge disappointment as it came just days before my lpayer it was a gift for my computer unfriendly husband. Brought to you by Techwalla.

SilverWolf, March 16, The color display makes the device easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly find what you want to see or listen to.

Programs easily enough – holds lots of music but can’t figure how to set order of play in the All Music category. The home and menu tabs on the touchscreen did not work at all. I don’t recommend it. It had held up well so when my daughter needed a new one I ordered one for her.

All I wanted was an inexpensive way to listen to olayer tunes as I walk for exercise. Then using the USB cord just drag and drop into the device.

New Drivers  DRIVERS: LENOVO S10 3T

That part is easy. If the revue had an ease of use line, it would rate a 1 out of 5. The user interface was not smooth and would not scroll through the music library smoothly. He received a Bachelor of Science in social science and history from Radford University.

Very happy with this player. Grannie, November 15, However, the touchscreen is very difficult to get to work.

I have not used the headphone that came with it, I use a pair that I already own and this sounds really good to me with my current pair.

Wish I could give it 0 stars. These players are also very easy to use and load on your pc. Something that I found confusing was transfering video from my kodak digital camera it uses quicktime video to the mp3 player.

They are located on a cd that comes with the mp3 player. I emstic really unsure about buying this MP3 player as I was not familar with the Ematic Brand Name, and it just seemed too good for the money it cost.