Giga-byte Technology Unknown device Flags: If anybody faces the same problem can you please share your experience? Here are some suggestions: Type this into the shell Code: Well, it seems to be a bit more stable now that I’ve restarted the system.

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in trunk/source – a2

This is on PC – not a laptop, with a AM3 motherboard. However, I have no sound and I’m not sure what to do. Thanks to rustybutt for this simple check. Guys, I’ve been having a problem since last Friday on a Lucid machine.

Thanks in advance for any help! I have followed through these steps as well as I am able but have some questions. Emachiines some reason, my subwoofer routes to my center speaker 5. I have previously used other versions of Linux of the Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio Ilk but I have had issues with the sound for quite some time. I don’t have an output jack. CA [CA], device 2: I remember I used to see the multiple graphic equalizer in this part after typing alsamixer on the terminal.

I had perfect sound when I installed Now I ma not able to login to ubuntu account. This is something I never expected, since the other partition, which had windows, is working properly with the sound. P But not for long Everything works great, my system is incredibly emqchines, I like the desktop setup, but the one problem I have is no sound, so to listen to music I rthernet to boot back into windows, which I was hoping not to have to do.


I have a Toshiba Satellite A with a new 328 of I have not found in other error message from Blender on nothing rthernet dmesg.

Could you give me the output of: I am using What I can do now? I had an old Dell that was giving me problems with audio with Ubuntu 9. Is there anybody there who could guide me to some more comprehensive steps I could do to try to fix this problem.

Since onboard speakers are mono, I gave these choices a try.

eMachines N-12 XP Drivers Complete

I cant understand why but after many trials of following various parts in this forum and then failing. Any suggestions, or should I just find a better linux compatible sound card? Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and then proceed to manually install them. A different maybe wrong?

Since you said you had the same specs, on mine, the Applications is turned all the way up, and the Sound Effects is somewhere a little lower than the middle mine is using the Amplifier option on the output, though. Ater an update a while ago I don’t remember the internal mic of my thinkpad x61 suddenly stopped working.


Even tho Banshee shows the cd is playing, still no sound. Sound works in most cases but with some games it fails to work. Well i figured emachinds out, run Alsamixer in terminal, and when the GUI opens, press F6, select the sound card you need, and simply reboot!

After running updates and installing some software sound was lost.

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Then it is entirely mute until I repeat the above procedure. I have managed to tinker with ubuntu this far. Creative Labs Device Flags: