Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Will it open up? Do not separate the clip from the base, it must stay connected to the base. My screen on my DV has gone faint from a lil water damage. Can you hear the cooling fan spinning? Disregard the last email.

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You can remove the keyboard and the bezel and get access to the fan as it shown in the step First of all, I would check memory modules. Hi there, I really want to thank you for posting these excellent instructions! There is a foam pad over another area that looks like it should have the heat sink compound also.

When you plug headphones, the plug pushes on the connector and the sound switches from external to internal mode. Test the laptop with each df6500 separately.

Any ideas what can be causing this problem? How did you fix your nvidia problem?

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

Please reply me with a possible solution:. You simply pull the cable from the blutooth. After following your guide quality I discovered that bluetoth cable being pointed to in step 10 is missing from the socket. Please help, I depend on this laptop for home and small business use. Will it open up? My son and I just finished replacing the CPU fan with great results….


If you want to find exactly the same wireless card, you should search by the HP part number.

HP Pavilion dv6500 All Drivers for Windows 7/8/10

Did I made something wrong? I checked and double checked the only audio cable, shown in step 22 above. Meet security and compliance with ease.

Very common to skip over them. Do you think it would be possible? At step 13, i need to pull the antenna cables back in the laptop. I am very appreciated you expertise. Compare These Lenovo Yoga C Can this be repair? My machine is still running, but it gets relatively hot. But a local computer repair store could remove it. In step 10 you say to turn the cover upside down and disconnect the cable from the power supply board.

But the temp of the laptop still varies from about Fahrenheit. So why do I get these 3 variants although i never do anything different when i turn my laptop on?


Or do i need new ones? I have a DV that gives no sign of life apart from the blue ring next to the AC-jack when the ac-adapter is plugged in. Except now instead of restarting over and over it just sits there and the power light starts to blink.

There is a small connector inside the headphone jack. I think it needs to be atleast 1. If i interprete this right, this indicates an empty battery. bluetoooth