The 4K screen model is also a touch screen display unlike the p model you reviewed. The new model is also a quad core processor for both i5 and i7 models, which is something that’s not available in Macbooks either. It also adds a bit more to the cost, so it’s probably not worth the tradeoffs just to get the extra pixels on a 13″ display. The only problem I have with mine is the pointer sometimes just freezes, for maybe even 5 or 10 seconds. LarryM — 6 months ago. Liquid metal repaste 2 months ago – temps really high LaptopGamingGeek , Dec 7, , in forum:

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But between the webcam and the display quality, it would be a hard sell for me.

EasonMay 25, With the latest Intel processors, it should go without saying that the Dell XPS 13 for is the trzckpad powerful one yet.

MisterJiggyFlyMay 27, Gaming Software and Graphics Cards. With more of my stuff moving into the cloud and fewer software applications being exclusively tied to macOS or Windows, it’s given me more freedom to do some amount of work from a tablet currently iPad Air 2Mac currently work or personal MacBook Proand even my old PC laptop a Lenovo T that I used mostly for testing.

Trackpad The trackpad is such an essential component of modern laptop usage unless you’re using it as a desktop replacement exclusively that it warrants its own discussion.

It seems like every flagship laptop design trackkpad a major achilles heel. The model I purchased has the following specs: But if you’re a road warrior or are used to using your built-in webcam, the Dell XPS 13 will treat you to a surprise the first time you try video chat.

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It is buttery smooth to the touch with just the right amount of texture, and buttery smooth to use in Windows whether scrolling or pointing.

At this point in history, linux should just work on laptops, and unfortunately, trackad is not the case.

There is a little button and 5 LEDs on the left side of the computer where you can quickly check battery charge status, though the LEDs seemed quite xpps to me you have to look head-on to see how many are lit.

Mobius 1 Dec 6, Given the new Macbook Air sounds almost like the dream machine you describe early on in the review have you considered one of those since? The model also has a fingerprint reader as well as facial scanning through Windows Hello. Do you already have an account? Which means I’m looking to sell my XPS trakpad i716gb, gb The ultimate question, I think, dps Apparently my fingers are optimized for the Shift key’s edge to be a millimeter or so closer to the Z. As proof, the system never grows too hot to handle literally under load.

Dell XPS 13 () Review from a lifelong Mac user | Jeff Geerling

drll One thing that is true about the older Thinkpads is that the keyboards were designed by somebody who did not hate typists. Main menu Blog Projects About. Note also that the XPS 13 is as wide as the MacBook Pro 13″, but is very slightly thinner in the front and slightly thicker in the backand a little shorter front-to-back: You’ll be able to charge, display output, or use USB accessories on any port.

After 15 years buried in the Apple ecosystem I wanted to try Windows again, but after only three days with my XPS 13it went back to Costco. So it’s a little awkward in some situations where I’m used to one-handed operation e.

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Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad With Cable 0x54kr X54KR

I agree two cams on the sides of the display providing stereo video and, maybe, head tracking for a future paralax-aware window manager would be better, but modern xpe seem to hate bezels. It’s a great laptop, with many great attributes. I had to basically disable to the xell feature, because it would cause the computer to go into a coma state. For the Dell XPS 13, it’s the webcam.

Jesse — 6 months ago.

Hardware Build Quality The fit and finish of the XPS lineup was one of the major reasons I chose it over the other models on my shortlist. Dell has largely kept one of the best qualities about its laptops in tact: After lugging the T with me to an open source conference a couple weeks ago, I decided I’d finally xpd ahead tfackpad acquire a modern, Ultrabook-style Windows laptop, and looking around at options for an open source developer more comfortable in Linux than Windows 10, I narrowed it down to: The 4K screen model is also a touch screen display unlike the p model you reviewed.