Sometimes going all the way is just a start I’ve done this successfully. I have traveled across the universe and through the years to find Her. Here are some more see attachments at the end of this post: They are probably the only worthy universal fixes for video cards from the ’90s and can improve VESA support and speed on hundreds of chipsets. This little tool fixes some not all! I was hoping to try this so I could get native support with SDD.

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This will significantly improve graphic performance from DOS and Win Standard stern warnings about flashing BIOSes apply, of course. This site hosts no abandonware.

I’ve done this successfully. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Silicon Motion Lynx SM A Voodoo Banshee is a Voodoo2 stripped down chip 1 texture unit versus 2 texture units with 2D capabilities added, while Voodoo3 was the substitute of Voodoo2 chips.

Also available from it’s homepage.

ARK Logic drivers – ARK Logic Video Drivers

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. S3 86c, 86c, 86c, 86c, 86c, VisionVision I’ve tried several times over several days – no joy. If you have a game that insists on using 15bpp modes like XMen and your video card does not support 15bpp then you can’t run that game. Water flows down the stream How to ask questions the smart way!

New Drivers  ASUS V7100PRO 32M DRIVER

This little tool fixes some not all! Sometimes going all the way is just a start Also, swaaye’s homepage download links do not appear to work either, which also feature in the OP.

Also you can change the Bootscreen string. VBE15bpp overcomes this problem by converting any 16bpp modes to 15bpp modes. Versions for DOS and Windows 9x. Also, what is the difference between scitech display doctor version 5.

Nice file and link collection so far. Simple way to switch graphical and text modes, especially handy in a batchfile. Voodoo3 represents a trio of new video chips, but all will share the following features–some of which should arrk1000pv familiar to 3Dfx-ophiles: May be a worthy sticky.

Thanks a lot, best regards, Robert.

VOGONS • View topic – VESA Fix Utility Listing (for old video cards)

I know this will probably kill my card, but ya gotta break a few eggs for an omelet. The resolutions it adds are fully user configurable. It takes up just over 7k of basemem.


Paint Shop Pro 3. EXE which adds a working command-line option 6, now labeled “6: Glad I found something to add. I’m selling some stuff! If not, is it possible for someone to PM with this app as a zip file or something please?

I have traveled across the universe and through the years to find Her. I recommend you load it high manually since it doesn’t do it by itself.