Here we have a new Mychron 5 2T. Maybe the Garmin device does not sample fast enough? On the kart track, I was able to run out onto the track to set this. I’ve used the My Tach several times at outdoor kart tracks in arrive and drive karts and also for a trackday event. Be sure to check whether you are allowed to use a GPS timer or data logger with the organizers of the trackday, although from my experience, it is not always clear what is allowed. VAT plus package and delivery. Aim Mychron Power cable For use on Mychron 4 and 5 models Keeps from having to replace or recharge the battery on guage Connects to an external 12v battery as used in TAG style karts.

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Maybe the Garmin device does not sample fast enough?

Standard scope of delivery. Over 30 minutes of total flight time!

Aim Mychrons

Also note it is a starting “point,” so if you mhtach too far off from that point, such as if you are passing someone, you may miss the point and that laptime won’t count. One neat feature is the GPS data can be exported into kml data to overlay onto google earth images. Free custom designed software for downloading data and chaning settings. Minimum battery voltage alarm settings.


AIM USB Rocket Altimeter | Entacore Electronics- High reliability dual ejection rocket altimeter.

It also logs slope I think that’s degree of elevation change which might be marginally helpful and heading is of no use from what I can tell. I’ll say it is nice tool to have and well worth the money for me. Blogs A Racing Dream. The thermocouple presents a turn in the lower part to make installation and removal easier. Please look at pictures. Now you can set your altimeter up for any battery type! If your already familiar with the AIM software that’s great, but if you’re not, it’s not the most user friendly, although I can manage with it.

Other sports All features can also be used profitable in other sports.

High performance HDMI cable / USB cable / LAN cable

Please look at pictures close you pick at auction end two of Continually records output status, continuity, battery voltage and temperature. Logger only with battery.

The anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate screen zim the wider display ensure great readability. Analysis of the performance performance parabola. Battery input from 3. This latest version now includes WIFI built in! Completely self powered when connecting to a PC or laptop. We cannot combine your order if you have already paid.

A Racing Dream ยป Aim My Tach sports watch review

No data kit required – connect aaim to the altimeter with a mini-USB cable not included. Time delay options on both lines for redundancy and other special requirements. The new unit has much faster acquisition and improved lock! Completely upgradable firmware, making sure you ,ytach have the latest! Soon after launch we lost visual of the rocket into the clouds and never regained site of it.

New Drivers  BCM4306MP DRIVER

I’d like to use it for karting, but we race on a small course with lanes close to each other.

Data stored at 0. The tricky part to using the My Tach is setting the starting “point” to get laptimes. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

It is easy to handle and solid. On the kart track, I was able to run out onto the track to set this. Due to the high winds we found it in a corn field about a mile away.

Thanks to its integrated GPS receiver a variety of data can be sampled, then be downloaded onto the PC and there be analyzed with special mytacch from AIM.